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Pat Dowell is a lifelong public servant. She has served as a social worker, a city planner, an administrator of several large and small not-for-profits, and a university instructor.

Since 2007, she has served as the Alderman of the 3rd Ward of Chicago. She is the Chair of the Chicago City Council Budget Committee.

Dowell was a significant catalyst for the rebirth of the historic Bronzeville community that occurred in the 1990s. She has an extensive background in urban planning and community development and was one of the primary architects of the Bronzeville Development Plan.

Formerly, Dowell was the executive director of the Near West Side Community Development Corporation, the Mid-South Planning and Development Commission, and Chicago Public Allies, a national youth development organization.

Pat Dowell is the proud mother of an adult son and a longtime Bronzeville resident. As a college basketball star, she earned her bachelor's degree in Developmental Psychology from The University of Rochester and her master's degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago. Dowell owns a scrappy Yorkshire Terrier named Toots and is an avid Chicago Bulls Fan.

While she enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling – what she is truly passionate about is helping to serve the needs of her constituents.

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Pat Dowell Expands Campaign Team for Illinois Secretary of State
November 29, 2021

Thaddeus Walls will serve as Campaign Administrator and oversee the day to day operations, Nick Daggers and JR Patton of the 1833 Group will handle fundraising activities, and Nora Brathol, Arka Pana Consulting, will direct social media.

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Pat Dowell on the Passing of Timuel Black
October 13, 2021

My sincere condolences to his wife, Zenobia, and all who loved and admired him. We lost a pillar of our community today. His legacy will live on.

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Ald. Pat Dowell Plans to Expand Literacy Programs through the Illinois Secretary of State's Office
October 12, 2021

Secretary of State candidate Pat Dowell plans to strengthen and expand the Illinois Secretary of State’s literacy programs. She applauds and supports existing Illinois literacy programs, such as those found in the Adult Volunteer Literacy Grant Program, Penny Severns Family Literacy Project, and the Workplace Skills Enhancement Project.

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Illinois Secretary of State Candidate Pat Dowell calls for Digital Driver's License
September 22, 2021

Pat Dowell, candidate for Democratic nominee for Illinois Secretary of State, announced another innovation for the Secretary of State’s office. She proposed the creation of a digital driver’s license that would be available on your phone, like a boarding pass, an idea that is becoming a reality in many states across the country. The digital license would be available to augment a hard copy license.

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Pat Dowell, Candidate for Illinois Secretary of State will Require Campaign Employees to be Fully Vaccinated
September 17, 2021

My campaign for Illinois Secretary of State will require all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Dowell Pledges Robust Cybersecurity Program for Secretary of State’s Office to Prepare for Post-COVID Services
September 9, 2021

Alderman Pat Dowell, candidate for Illinois Secretary of State is pledging to secure and improve the office’s cybersecurity efforts to prevent breaches to the integrity of the data security of the people and businesses of Illinois. Cybersecurity is even more important given the increasing reliance on technology in a post-COVID world.

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Illinois Secretary of State Candidate Pat Dowell Responds to Alexi's vanity driver's license proposal
September 7, 2021

Editors Note:Today, September 7, Alexi Giannoulias released his plan for the Secretary of State’s office to price-gouge residents for vanity pictures on their driver’s licenses.

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Pat Dowell Candidate for Secretary of State Will March in Labor Day Weekend Parades and Events
September 4, 2021

Alderman Pat Dowell, Democratic Candidate for Illinois Secretary of State, will attend Labor Day celebrations

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