Ald. Pat Dowell Plans to Expand Literacy Programs through the Illinois Secretary of State's Office

October 12, 2021

Ald. Pat Dowell Plans to Expand Literacy Programs through the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office

CHICAGO - October 12, 2021 — Secretary of State candidate Pat Dowell plans to strengthen and expand the Illinois Secretary of State’s literacy programs. She applauds and supports existing Illinois literacy programs, such as those found in the Adult Volunteer Literacy Grant Program, Penny Severns Family Literacy Project, and the Workplace Skills Enhancement Project.

Dowell is proud of all that the Illinois Secretary of State’s Office has done over the years to help its citizens with literacy issues but is also focused on expanding the office’s reach in this area. She is reviewing successful programs throughout the United States for best practices.

Dowell is also looking at the issue globally, focusing on countries with extremely high literacy rates to see where there is room to improve at home. A common thread in the countries with literacy rates at 99% and higher is that they focus on the younger generation and ensure that they are properly educated before they reach adulthood. This indicates that literacy rates can most successfully improve if time and energy focus on teaching the youth. While adult literacy programs will continue to be instrumental, educating elementary and high school students should take center stage if a higher literacy rate is to be achieved in Illinois. Dowell will enhance extra-curricular literacy programs for youth to try to keep Illinois competitive globally.

For both rural and urban Illinoisans, the Secretary of State’s offices can be located too far from their home to be considered accessible. That is why Dowell has proposed putting more services in libraries, including literacy programs. And for residents who are not able to make it to their local library, Dowell will bring the literacy programs and the other Secretary of State’s office functions closer to the people through mobile offices.

“Residents in communities across Illinois need more access to all the services and programs of the Secretary of State. Under the Dowell administration, the Secretary of State’s office will create a plan for a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles that will bring a bookmobile with cyber accessibility and a mobile Secretary of State’s office to serve individuals and businesses across the state of Illinois,” Secretary of State candidate Pat Dowell said. “It could be safer and more convenient to bring a bookmobile and mobile offices out to communities. We need to rethink how we deliver services to the public in a post-pandemic world.”

Dowell also seeks to strengthen the existing relationships between the Secretary of State’s Office and its literacy partners around the State. Dowell said: “We will work with current partners and look for ways to expand partnerships in every community. I’m a big believer in public-private partnerships. I’ve done many public-private partnerships as Alderman, and plan to do many as Secretary of State.”

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